The Arkansas Arts & Fashion Forum (AAFF) is an arts and culture organization that provides educational and social programming dedicated to fostering the growth of the fashion and creative industries in Arkansas. AAFF has a programmatic focus on teaching transferable skills that can be utilized across mediums in pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities for those invested in creating and making through arts and fashion. Inclusivity is at the core of AAFF’s values and is not only something the organization constantly recognizes, it is a central element of the AAFF strategy. 

AAFF Mission

  • Providing educational workshops, classes and panel discussions that expand public access to the discourse around arts, fashion, equity, and sustainability.
  • Providing educational scholarships, mentorships, and production grants to aspiring fashion designers and creative producers to support professional development and avant garde artistic practices.
  • Providing a platform to amplify voices of Arkansas-based creatives, both online and in-person. We advocate for the representation from people of all backgrounds to ensure their voices are heard by the local community and their visions are seen on the runway, in images, and on the cultural landscape.
  • Creating micro-batch manufacturing opportunities as both employment and as production resources for the creative community. Our manufacturing efforts are rooted in creating transferable skills, empowering entrepreneurial spirit, and creating sustainable supply chains focuses on environmental impact and circularity.