Arkansas Arts & Fashion Forum provides funding for designers based in the state of Arkansas to participate in NWA Fashion Week, the largest fashion event in the state.

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Arkansas Arts & Fashion Forum connects the sharpest minds in fashion to create educational content for both the public and for those aspiring to a career in fashion. Providing opportunities for panel discussion, speaker series, workshops and more, AAFF creates the space to go beyond the garment to learn about the world of fashion as a whole.

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Arkansas Arts & Fashion Forum provides opportunities for young men and women to work with professionals from various parts of the fashion industry including designers, model coaches, professional hair stylists and makeup artists, production directors, creative directors, curators, photographers, videographers and more.

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The Arkansas Arts and Fashion Forum was founded in 2017 with the hope of providing a central location for creative producers in Arkansas to find professional development resources, creative inspiration, and a community of support.

The mission of the Arkansas Arts and Fashion Forum is to provide educational opportunities and professional support for aspiring avant-garde fashion designers, artists, and other creative professionals who are committed to building a vibrant and inspired creative fashion community in Arkansas.

Within this mission, the Arkansas Arts and Fashion Forum pursues three main areas of programming:

  • Providing educational workshops, classes and panel discussions for both fashion professionals and the public to increase understanding of the art of fashion.
  • Providing educational scholarships and production grants to aspiring fashion designers. We plan to provide grants to student designers enrolled in a degreed program based in the state of Arkansas as well as production grants for designers to pursue avant-garde designs that expand the public understanding of art and fashion.
  • Providing educational mentorship opportunities for aspiring photographers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists, videographers and other aspiring professionals to work with established professionals in an educational environment for the development and enhancement of professional skills and knowledge.

Each season we dedicate our time and resources to ensuring that designers based in the state of Arkansas are able to participate in NWA Fashion Week, ensuring visibility to their brands and professional development opportunities toward the goal of establishing a thriving fashion industry in our state.


Whether you want to support a local designer or become a local designer, we want to hear from you!